Future Intentions.

My aspirations for study in Fine art are primarily in understanding and having the passion to investigate modern and contemporary art, art theory and visual culture, developing key communication and presentation skills, and the ability to think creatively. Throughout my undergraduate degree l researched the work of artists, developing my artistic skills and use of knowledge and talent to create tangible works of art that communicate emotions and ideas. I now think analytically and creatively. I have learnt technical skills in both studio art and design and have applied these skills to hands-on problems, such as developing confidence in speaking to an audience, remaining professional throughout and gaining organisational skills.

I feel my previous academic and work experience has also given me an understanding of the challenges involved in working with children with complex needs and has allowed me to experience the interface between theory and practice. I am organised and efficient, and I believe working full time alongside my art degree, taking on extra responsibilities, such as creating a web site, and maintaining high grades demonstrates that I am dedicated, capable of working under pressure and
I have successful time management and prioritising skills.