Development process.

The development process, as an artist is something to strive for, to be inspired by multiple sources and to drive forward into original frontiers. Part of being an artist is having an identifiable style, I feel it’s something that I develop throughout  life as an artist subconsciously or consciously.

Social Connection

 Capturing the modern realism movement,

This painting points to the modernist geometrics which inhabit

many of my other paintings which sets the tone for the

tiresome discussion of realism versus modernism.

47″ x 23″

Oil on canvas

Urban Landscape

Working with routines, I transform life experience into art. 

The ink drawings that i have created are brimming

with innovative spirit and radicalism – employing differentiating concepts, aesthetics

and techniques, I have used mix media to create this affect.

 23″ x 47″

Ink, pen and pencil on canvas.

The green mile


I used the basic watercolour flatwash technique approach in this painting. It is produced by first wetting the area of paper to be covered by the wash, then mixing sufficient pigment to easily fill the entire area. The pigment is applied to a sloping surface in slightly overlapping horizontal bands from the top down.

15.5″ x 33

Watercolour on canvas.